It was Thursday afternoon (yesterday) and in downtown Guayaquil, exactly on Avenida 9 de Octubre, between García Moreno and Avenida del Ejército, it sounded New York, New York. of Frank Sinatra. The melody, which was fused with instruments such as the saxophone, the organ, the drums and the electric bass, came from the balcony of the Cocoa City Art House. In front of the old building, outside the Hotel Oro Verde, a group of people had separated their table and chair to enjoy the free concert.

And it is that in times of pandemic artists have replaced conventional stages with others that, although with greater distance, recover that contact with the public. This was the case, of the musicians Luis and Medardo Silva, the Preludio Centrarte Academia students and other professionals, who together with the cultural manager Patricia León Guerrero organized the first saxophone concert Love to the street from the balconies.

For an hour and a half they spread music to the area, which in other times would be crowded with passers-by. However, the few who walked around here decided to stop their way to witness the recital, some took out their smartphones to shoot small clips, others preferred to find a space to listen to the jazz pieces, ballads, boleros and hallways.

Meanwhile, there were those who made a brief active break from their work to admire the musical initiative and make use of their ice cream bell to applaud the artists. There were also the drivers, who, taking advantage of the red light, lowered the glass of their cars to hear the intervention more clearly.

"It is different from what you have always heard, the sound is quite striking, I liked it a lot, that's why I stayed for a while listening to them", said Carla Romero, one of the passers-by who was amazed by the outdoor show.

"It is a super cool initiative because it allows people to get a little closer to contact with our artists, especially to awaken interest in a living city, that is important", expressed Angélica Parra, who found out about the concert through social networks.

The evening was complemented by the climate that surprises the city of Buenos Aires these days, a temperature of 22 ° C motivated some to accompany the moment with a hot coffee, while others opted for the inevitable cold beer.

"This allows this small fusion of the artistic with the commercial, and that is valid because the public space should be activated in some way or another"said Henry Jurado, one of those present.

"This is necessary from the mental part, people have to reactivate themselves psychologically and spiritually, culture heals us all", added.

While from the second floor of Casa Arte, the musicians organized to give their best repertoire, good energy dominated the space, where teachers and students merged their knowledge to make the concert a real encounter of love for the city. "Through art, in this case music, fill our spirit and everything around us with a good atmosphere", says Luis Silva, one of the mentalizers of the activity that included songs like Avocado, Our Oath, Fly me to the moonn, How beautiful is the Lord, Somewhere over the Rainbow, among other. (AND)


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