There is the option of losing weight without physical effort, simply sleeping. However, it is important to consider some aspects to make it work. "According to scientists, modern life and exposure to artificial lights modify the body's circadian cycle, making your body cling to fats. But with a few small adjustments you can change all of this."

So he mentions Selections, who made the following tips:

Sleep the full hours

People who sleep 8.5 hours burn up to 400 more calories per day than those who sleep for 5.5 hours. "Their bodies don't have to conserve energy and burn calories at a slower rate," the second case is mentioned.

Eat protein

Consuming 30 grams of protein half an hour before bed will help improve metabolism. Protein smoothies are also mentioned, especially after resistance exercises. It will be important to check the calorie consumption so as not to eat more than is necessary at night.

Zero alcohol

Drinking one or more drinks before bedtime will make the body concentrate on metabolizing the alcohol. Added to this is that the alcohol goes to the liver. "Then you will have to detoxify and stop turning fats into ketones, interrupting the weight loss process," the post explains.

Light dinner

Heavy foods should be avoided before sleeping because calories will accumulate (which the body does not need while sleeping) and sugar levels will rise. In addition, fat storage will be promoted. It is suggested to consume fiber, fruits and vegetables.

No technology

Minutes before sleeping, it is suggested not to check social networks, mail, chats, that is, we must leave our phone or computer aside. "According to studies, nighttime exposure to blue light, emitted by cell phones, tablets, and some LED screens, can slow your metabolism."

Without light

It is important to block the passage of natural light or turn off the electric light because with darkness our body begins to produce melatonin, which causes sleep.


Exercising at any time helps improve our metabolism. This will cause us to burn calories even while we sleep. There will be no problem if we exercise at night. (I)


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