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Mystery Sisters

The Mystery Sisters

Three traveling artists offer their service of answers to all the questions that come their way, including those that come online during streaming. With self-confidence, good singing and stage presence now brought to the screen, the work is developed that starts from a participatory approach to end in an open ending, after a lively tour. The Mystery Sisters function closes the Planetarium Fest, preceded by a treasure hunt by Zoom, in which each person's house becomes the landscape of exploration to gather the objects that make up a treasure in the colors of the rainbow.

Saturday at 3pm (workshop at 11am), $ 300 (with workshop $ 500), by www.alternativateatral.com.ar.

The turned house
The turned house Credit: Chas 35 photography


The always renewed event created by the Amichis Company gathers the song this weekend Tun Tun of emotions, which emerged as a duo in quarantine, with a scene from the clownesca Juliet … and Romeo? by Micaela Picarelli, from Cía. Arde la Nona, two songs by the Little Fish group, a puppet scene from The sleeper by Adriana Sobrero, another one-person Fried eggs by Irene Rotemberg, an unpublished fragment of the house turned, of the puppeteer Lupe Lombardozzi, another of the musical The sound adventure of Ben Malasangüe, The Band of Les Mostres with its theme We are divines and the Libertablas Group rehearsing their Puppet Zum. Always with the leadership of Martín Palladino.

On Saturday, at 17:30, free access via Facebook live (@entreactofest).



A recital by streaming in acoustic format, with the most popular hits of the CD Musical Bike and 3D and new songs by Koufequin, the rock and pop band of the boys to which the adults also adhere. From the famous Kanishka shark until the Dinosaur rap. Participation is requested with flashlight and bubbler to accompany the show, which promises surprises.

Saturday at 6pm, starting at $ 150, at www.cckonex.org.

Hilito from a Trip
Hilito from a Trip

Hilito from a trip

Traveling by thread seems like an impossible task. But not for Flora and Alina, who go after the tracks that their great-grandmother has left them. Hilito's itinerary of a trip will take them to cross a river to the rhythm of the chamamé and to cross multicolored labyrinths. The landscapes of the route unfold in a scenography of infinity of crossed wool threads, diverse as those of the destination. In that skein they will find their own way. By the Lightweight Baggage group (Carkalata).

On Saturday, all day, to the cap, at www.ccespacios.com.ar.

Cinnamon Back and more

The music group with clown counterpoint Vuelta Canela, together with the trio Borde Verde and the duo Troca, formed by the renowned musicians and luthiers Julio Calvo and Hugo Figueras in Violín Ferretero and Cítara Encaja, in the closing recital by Zoom of the cycle All They roll, organized from the El Alambique theater. Among the songs, a beat box workshop, vocal percussion imitating instruments, coordinated by Santiago González Bienes, narrations by Carla Breslin and live illustrations by Flor Bauzá on the screens, which in the end are open to contributions from the public to put together a mural collective. All tacked together by Verónica Parodi.

Sunday at 17, from $ 200, by www.alternativateatral.com.ar

Robinson crusoe
Robinson crusoe

Robinson Crusoe, the sea

Three actors are hell-bent on telling the story of Robinson Crusoe, the one who was alone on an island for fifteen years. But things do not happen as planned, the actors can not agree on the axis of the action or the distribution of roles in it. From the shipwreck of his story emerges a work full of humor, a success from failure, a song of friendship from controversy. A historical record of the work of Manuel González Gil and Carlos de Urquiza, inspired by Daniel Defoe's novel, in a 1994 staging of De Urquiza. A good option to see Osvaldo González and Juan Carlos Mastrángelo on stage again.

Sunday at 18, in the cap, by www.alternativateatral.com.ar

Pumpkin Credit: Leo Ipiña


It is not a recital recorded from a pre-pandemic stage, nor a Zoom of watertight compartments. The four musicians of Anda Calabaza present Conexión, a show produced in a quarantine situation, in a virtual meeting room, with screens that divide, subdivide and add up in a counterpoint of music and humor. An investigation into the new formats of audiovisual virtuality, launched under the slogan: "From our houses, to infinity and beyond!"

Saturday and Sunday, $ 500, at www.nubecultural.com.

Azul's journey
Azul's journey

The journey of blue

Azul wants to continue sleeping, does not answer the alarm clock or the call to breakfast. It is difficult to start the daily routine. But once standing, everything is set in motion in The Journey of Blue. The game transforms reality, a world of experiences unfolds on Azul's day and before the eyes of the audience. The puppets of the El Nudo Company, warm in their colors and texture, summon the emotion and laughter of the youngest, the black theater technique provides a visual richness that is transmitted in an attractive way through the screens.

Free access at www.florealweb.tv.

Maria Elena Walsh
Maria Elena Walsh

Heaven on the sidewalk

Life and work of María Elena Walsh, with a dozen original recordings of her children's songs cleverly grouped by their theme thread, about twenty limericks, the playful poems in her book Crazy zoo, who play with animated images, in the voice of Ana Padovani and other narrators, and another chapter of recordings of his songs from his political poetics, aimed at the adult world. An audiovisual summary of the exhibition currently confined to the CCK.

Free access at www.cck.gob.ar.

The cat with boots
The cat with boots Credit: Máximo Parpagnoli

Puss in boots and other sheet music

Perrault's tale The cat with boots, brought into the operatic genre with music by Xavier Montsalvatge, integrates the repertoire of opera and ballet made available by the Teatro Colón to children, along with Cinderella by Gioachino Rossini, Coppelia, the choreography about the doll that comes to life, on sheet music by Léo Delibes, the Graduate dance Johannes Strauss, and Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake, by Piotr Chaicovski. An opportunity to visit the Colón without leaving home, perhaps a prelude to future royal attendance at the functions of the great lyrical theater.

Free access at www.teatrocolon.org.


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